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CM 3.1 Q&A

A few questions on 3.1

If the Voice Message Box is not specified for a directory number (left blank), will it use the directory number by default?

The Compatibility Matrix for 3.1x states that 12.2 is required for 26/3600 routers. We require SRST-Capable IOS. Is this workable?

Extension Mobility in SRST is not available, however, can they co-exist and what is the behavior during a failover?

The documentation for Calling Search Spaces says "If you set the Forward All Calling Search Space field to none, Cisco CallManager uses the calling search spaces of the line and the phone when the user forwards calls using the Cisco IP Phone User Options panes or the CFwdAll softkey on the phone." What is the behavior of Calling Search Spaces for Forward No Answer and Forward Busy? Shouldn't it use the Device or Line default CSS as well?

Can I edit the SQL database directly to make bulk fixes to device settings (e.g., Calling Search Space, FNA Dest., FB Dest., etc.)?

Any input would be greatly appreciated.

Cisco Employee

Re: CM 3.1 Q&A


12.2 is not required. They may have been referring to MGCP support for digital interfaces, which will be in an upcoming 12.2 release. Use 12.1(5)YD3 for SRST support.

Yes they can co-exist. During failover, I think the phone will register to the SRST router using whatever the last DN was when the CallManager became unreachable.

The CSS for CFA when set to is a special case. CFNA and CFB CSS do not behave this way.

Although technically you should be able to manually update the SQL database using Query Analyzer or other tools, this is definitely not the recommended way to make changes. You should use BAT (Bulk Admin Tool) to do this instead.

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