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CM 3.2.2c Attendant

Just upgraded from 3.1.2c to 3.2.2c spE and cannot get the attendant 1.1.2a to display a users directory.

TCD is version and it isn't generating the user text file in wausers share.

Any ideas? I've opened a TAC case but no results yet.

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Re: CM 3.2.2c Attendant

The default location for the AutoGenerated.txt directory file is -

C:\Program Files\Cisco\CallManagerAttendant\userlists

Have you verified that the file is in this directory and have you verified if a directory location is configured in the Attendant Console client?

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Re: CM 3.2.2c Attendant

Thanks for the info. I sure did not see that referenced in the Attendant documentation so I had just left it configured for the old Web Attendant, wausers directory.

I do see the users.txt file in the location you mentioned.

Made the changes and it works.

Thanks again.


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Re: CM 3.2.2c Attendant

Look at this part of the readme.pdf for 1.1.(2a)

CallManager Versions Supported

Version 1.1(2a) of CCMAC has been tested with the following CallManager


· 3.1(2c)

· 3.1(3a)

· 3.2(1)

· 3.2(2a)

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Re: CM 3.2.2c Attendant

I saw that part but the docs suggest using the new Attendant instead of the old Web Attendant. I changed the share from the old location to the location where the new userstext file is placed and everything is ok.

One other note, When the attendant first starts the directory is blank.

You have to select Show all Users from the drop down Department list. Maybe that's because we don't use the department field.

Just some other general comments.

The new interface stinks.

You have to right click on a directroy to transfer a call. Double clicking on an entry calls that entry instead of transferring the active call.

The Go online button is green when you are off line and gray when you are online.

The old speed dial list allowed many more entries and a smaller screen area. IE, it had 2 columns where the new one only has one and requires scrolling to see the same number of speed dials.

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Re: CM 3.2.2c Attendant

You can add additional speed dial tabs rather than filling the default tab to the point of having to scroll. Right click on the speed dail tab to see the options.

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