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CM 3.2(2c) - calls parked intermittently dropped

calls coming in from E1 voice gateway are parked. Caller rings back and conplains they were cut off - by all accounts they get a few seconds of MOH then a dead line. The Q931 trace on the CM looks normal and ends like this:

RELEASE_COMP, pd = 8, callref = 0x00AE

Cause i = 0x8090 - Normal call clearing

User-User i = 0x052580060008914A000311001100388A9114163A11CC8311CB9DFB8231CC10800100

So the router is clearing the call, but I have no idea why, or where to look for answers - And I have tried most things. The gateway is a 3640 with 12.2(8)T5 IP Plus code.

any ideas?


Re: CM 3.2(2c) - calls parked intermittently dropped

Since there has been no response to your post, it appears to be either too complex or too rare an issue for other forum members to assist you. If you don't get a suitable response to your post, you may wish to review our resources at the online Technical Assistance Center ( or speak with a TAC engineer. You can open a TAC case online at

If anyone else in the forum has some advice, please reply to this thread.

Thank you for posting.

Re: CM 3.2(2c) - calls parked intermittently dropped


Are you parking the calls via Attendent Console? (WebAttendent) or just the ip phone ? I am experiencing the same intermittent problem with calls being dropped. I though it may be related to the h323 gateway, we have recently configured PRI MGCP backhauling and the problem still exists. There does not seem to be any problem when not using the Attendent console. I do have a TAC case open on this one, and Ill keep you posted. We are using CCM 3.2.2c and AC 1.1.2a.


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