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CM 3.2 CDR Reports.. Data No Longer Available

We use cm3.2. In the CDR reporting utility I have it set not to ever purge CDR Records and to purge CAR records older than 90 days.

I tried to run a summary report for my extension today for a few dates in January and got the error that the data is only available from 2 April 2003 to 25 June 2003. I do not ever recall even manually purging CDR records... Why can I not view this data if it is set not to purge? Does purging the CAR records every 90 days also purge the CDR data? Am I confused between CDR and CAR??? Is there any way of keeping the CDR Data forever? It seems to be telephone records are something important that should be kept to run reports of off at any time. Any help is greatly appreciated...


Re: CM 3.2 CDR Reports.. Data No Longer Available

CDR records are those generated by Call manager.

CAR records are the CDR records post CAR proccessing.

So if you set CAR not to purge CDR but to purge CAR then the CDR should be there but the post proccessing info will not be. You will need to use a 3rd party app to view the records because you can not import the old data back into CAR for re-poccessing.

This explains why when you try to run the report there is no data, you told it to delete it.


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Re: CM 3.2 CDR Reports.. Data No Longer Available

Where are the files stored that you say I can still view with a 3rd party application? Are there any...dare I ask "Free" applications to view these with... The whole reason I began purging CAR records as I kept getting an email that said The number of records int he billing table has reached its threshold...

Where would the CDR records be in case I wanted to move them off the CM and archive to CD or something for later potential use? Or are these retained forever in CM?

Re: CM 3.2 CDR Reports.. Data No Longer Available

You need to look at the CDR database on the publisher.

Use SQL enterprise manager and view down the enterprise / server / database structure and you will see the CDR database. You can use the data export tools in SQL to export the records to excel and store them somewhere else, or even (if you are brave) use excel to analyse them.

I don't think there are any free CDR billingapplications because they are so difficult to create.


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