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CM 3.3.3 Change Outgoing Caller ID??

We use cm3.3.3. Currently any calls going out of our facility are showing up with the lead number of our trunk. (All calls report the same number) This number is not really what I want showing up on peoples caller ID. Id rather have the main number to our hospital (which is a DID number) show up. Where would I make this change so that all outgoing calls, would show up as this number (unless its over-ridden in the external phone number mask area on the phone pages)??

Thank you

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Re: CM 3.3.3 Change Outgoing Caller ID??

1. Select Service on the CallManager Administration Page.

2. Service Parameters

3. Select your CCM server (Publisher)

4. Select the Cisco CallManager service

5. Under the Cluster-Wide Parameters (Device-General) section there is all the Q931 T3xx timers, right below that there are three fields, two of which you should populate:

1. Unknown Caller ID - enter your hospital main DN

2. Unknown Caller ID Text - enter your name display

You need to make sure that you have checked the box on the Route Patterns that leave your network to "Use Calling Party's External Phone Number Mask". This should now tag all phones that have their Phone-Line configured with their specific "External Phone Number Mask" with that respective number and all others that are not configured will use the number specified in the Service configuration listed above.

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Re: CM 3.3.3 Change Outgoing Caller ID??

Thanks, not sure what Im missing, but I did this and pressed update. Made a call out to my cell phone and it didn't appear to make any change... still shows the same number as before, default trunk line.

Any other suggestions?

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Re: CM 3.3.3 Change Outgoing Caller ID??

Just a point of intrest. I work for SBC. We have two types of T1 trunks. A Smart trunk and a super trunk. Smart being PRI and Super Trunk being a CAS T1.

We will send the billing phone number as the out bound caller id if a customer has a super trunk. NO matter what you put in the CCM we over ride it at a CO switch level.

A smart trunk is another story. I have offten placed a mask on the gateway that is headed to the CO from the CPE. You can use a prefix like


AAA = Area Code

BBB = Office Code

XXXX is a wide card that will place the DN on the phone in the mask. Example your phone DN is 5000. You out bound caller id would be AAABBB5000. The only issues is that outbound calls that are not real did numbers would show up as AAABBB1234.....where the 1234 is the fake DN on the station.

Help or just muddy the water?


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Re: CM 3.3.3 Change Outgoing Caller ID??

No, this helps, but not sure it solves my problem. Where do I put this mask on the gateway? (On the gateway itself, is there a section there to do that??) Is it where I was instructed to put it before, because that did not change anything..(not using a super trunk, just a bellsouth PRI (four of them).



Re: CM 3.3.3 Change Outgoing Caller ID??


Maybe I've not understood well your question. I have a quite similar setup, but using BRI. I've solved it (with CM 3.3(2)) in gateway configuration page->Outbound calls->Caller ID DN.

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