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CM 3.3.3 SR 3 - Blink MW Lamp when call on hold

I see there is a feature in CM 3.3.3 where you can make the mw light flash if you put a call on hold... Whether true or false setting is activated, the light does not flash when we place a call on hold... we are using 7960's and 40's... any hints on this?

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Re: CM 3.3.3 SR 3 - Blink MW Lamp when call on hold

Straight from my TAC Case:


I am trying to configure calls on hold to work similar to our legacy phone system. The two things I'm trying to make happen are:

1: I would like the handset to flash when a call is currently on hold. This will help prevent users from forgetting about their calls on hold. It looks like this is the default in the Service Parameters section under Hold Type. Although it says it should be set to false for this to function I have tried it set both ways with no noticeable difference. This seems to be the case for many people as I have seen the same results on Cisco's Forums. Is there a setting somewhere else I am missing to enable this?

2. After a call is on hold for a certain amount of time I would like it to ring back to the user that placed the call on hold. Similar to the way call part is setup would be great. I thought this used to be an option but I can not find it in the current CCM setup.


"Both of the settings/options you are talking about adding are not available in callmanager at all and would need to be requested as a feature through your Cisco sales office"

I recommend contacting your Cisco sales office as listed so we can get these features added. They are already in place for call park so I can't imagine it would be difficult to add it for "Hold".

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Re: CM 3.3.3 SR 3 - Blink MW Lamp when call on hold

thank you for writing... NOT AVAILABLE? Its in black and white right in the call manager...with a true/false option. How can they sit there and say its not available. Is that in there just for the fun of it?

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Re: CM 3.3.3 SR 3 - Blink MW Lamp when call on hold

If you click on the Hold Type* parameter it will bring up a help page with this bit of information

"For Japan NTT (Nipon Telephone Telegraph), user can set this parameter to True, which makes handset lamp flash during hold."

This seems to imply that the parameter is only available under a very specific circumstance.

Also, there appear to be times when verbiage/settings are added to CallManager configuration pages in advance of the settings actually being implemented. For instance, CM3.3.3 Phone device settings include a Video Capabilities setting. This, I'm sure, is to provide support for the 7980 IP Phones with integrated video when they are released.

So get that list of features you want, Hold lamp wink, Hold reversion timer, camp-on queueing, etc., and beat your Cisco account team over the head with it.

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