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CM 3.32 Forwarding Issue

I'm wondering if anyone has any ideas on this one.

I upgraded my CM cluster from 3.22c to 3.32 sp c last week, and we have noticed this odd behavior. Here is the scenario:

There are 3 phones. Phone 1 has forward no answer treatment to Phone 2. Phone 2 is hard forwarded to Phone 3.

The odd behavior occurs when someone dials Phone 1--Phone 1 will ring 4 times and then FNA to Phone 2, which then hard forwards to phone 3. On phone 3 the line blinks, giving indication of a call, but it does not ring. Then, after four blinks there is a pause of about a second or two and then the line finally rings.

I have checked all parameters in Callmanager that I can think of-- all forwarding appears to be correct on the phones, and the phones work normally except for this problem. I was wondering if somewhere there is a setting of something like "No ring on forward" or something to that affect. This has only occured since the upgrade to 3.32.


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Re: CM 3.32 Forwarding Issue

First or all, I think it's fairly standard to refer to the call forward options as CFA (call forward-all), CFB (call forward-busy) and CFNA (call forward-no answer). Although I have heard of RONA (ring on no answer) before.

Secondly, further info: Is this happening with all phones or just these 3 in particular? Are all line appearances in the same partition? Can Phone 3 be answered while it is blinking and before it starts ringing? What about the forward setting on Phone 3, are there any?

It sounds like Phone 2 is forwarding the call to a line on Phone 3 that has ringing diabled, and the CFNA on that line then forwards to a line on Phone 3 that does ring. That would explain the behavior.

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