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CM 4.1(3)sr1 Upgrade to CM 4.1(3)sr3b

Our CM 4.1(3)sr1 has been up and running flawlessly for over a year now. Not even a single reboot. Do you recommend upgrading to 4.1(3)sr3b or if it ain't broke...don't fix it? Thanks!


Re: CM 4.1(3)sr1 Upgrade to CM 4.1(3)sr3b

Just installed a new phone system over the weekend...

(Unity, IPCC, MPX in the mix). So far looking good..

You can always roll back if you want to


Re: CM 4.1(3)sr1 Upgrade to CM 4.1(3)sr3b

This is a 3 CM cluster with a MOH server and a CER server. Would would the proper upgrade order be? Publisher, Subscribers, MOH then CER? Do I have to shut down some of the servers while I upgrade the others? Thanks!


Re: CM 4.1(3)sr1 Upgrade to CM 4.1(3)sr3b

a good rule of thumb is to upgrade when you have to or when you need the new features. upgrading just for the sake of upgrading has led to more headaches than necessary. if you do not gain anything from an upgrade, then there sounds like no reason to do it.

if you have multiple registration call managers, you should not need to shut anything down during the upgrade.

order would be as follows:

publisher, tftp-server, subscribers, moh-servers.

on the CER server, (or any servers using CTI/JTAPI), you'll need to run the upgraded callManagers JTAPI client. this will get jtapi on CER in line with the new JTAPI from your ccm upgrade.

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