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CM 5.1 and Tenants

Hi guys,

Following on from my thread here...

Managed to get the XML Directory and the Web Directory all setup in CM 4.2(3) for discrete tenants but now that 5.1 is available, there is a the tendency to upgrade so just wondering if it would be possible to do the same thing that was done in JS with the directory.asp files etc on 4.2(3) in CM5.1?

Can't justify a test lab with 5.1 at the moment so would like someone's experience on creating tenants in 5.1 and if it is possible and how easy would it be compared to CM4.2(3).

Edit: I see that the CM6.x is getting released in Spring 2007 so I think it would make sense to wait for that but still would like to know about the scripting involved.




Re: CM 5.1 and Tenants

Even with CCM 6, the directory isn't going to be asp based anymore.. so you'd need to install CCM 6 on Windows, get the appropriate JSP files and edit them appropriately. And if you end up using a Linux based CCM, you'll just have to host the page on another server. Since so far we don't have access to the filesystem of linux based CCMs, nobody without root access can really tell you how involved making changes would be.. since every piece of information is in the DB, I would suppose that it's rather easy to make changes, at least if Cisco sticks to sending sql commands from the script and doesn't suddenly switch to stored procedures in the DB.

As far as the language goes.. it's safe to say you'll need to learn JSP.. or create your own page from scratch (and that'll most likely only work with a Windows based installation as you can't go around messing with the DB configuration on a Linux box).

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