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New Member

CM 5 licensing and failover what happens

How does it work?

If I have a client that has 100 phones do I need to buy 200 licenses 100 for each box?

or would would I only need to purchase One of the following LIC-CM-DL-100= (Optional)

CallManager Device License - 100 units

For example say one CM were to fail and phones fail to second CM what would happen? IS the license information replicated to all callmanagers?

Basically how does licensing work in a CM fail scenario..

When all devices fail to second or third CM if I have a 100-seat license are we good with that?



Cisco Employee

Re: CM 5 licensing and failover what happens

CCM Licensing is done by Nodes and Units.

Number of Nodes is number of servers in the cluster that will be running CCM service.

Number of Units is for the phones.

Each phone based on the model has a unit assigned to it.

Let's say for example 7961 is 6 Units and 7970 is 8 Units, these units are just an example.

If you buy 100 units, you can configure 12 7970 with 4 units remaining (7970 - 8*12=96 Units) or

You can configure 16 7961 with 4 units remaining

(7961 - 6*16 = 96 Units,)or

You can mix and match phones as desired 8 7961s and 5 7970s which brings you to 98 Units.

So Units is like a common pool for all phones, based on what type of phone you are configuring so many units will taken from the pool.

The Units are licensed for the entire cluster and not per server, so you don't have to buy Unit license based on number servers. You need buy sufficient Node license based on how many servers you are going to run the CCM Service.

If you are going to have 2 Sub and 1 Pub running CCM Service then you need 3 Node License.

License are provided based on Pub's MAC address and uploaded to Pub even though you may not be running CCM on Pub.


New Member

Re: CM 5 licensing and failover what happens

Thanks thats very informative information!

Is there a link to this precise data i.e. Unit worth for phone types gateways and thrid party devices etc.

From the CM we can

"determine the number of license unit that are required for each device, in Cisco CallManager Administration, choose System > Licensing > License Unit Calculator. This window lists the number of license units that are required for each type of device"

Also The node license does this relate to below product code

Example 7825H server

LIC-CM5.0-7825-H1= (Optional)

License CallMgr 5.0 7825-H1 Appliance

Finaly last? Is there a capacity tool avaiable for sizing CM 5?

Thank you


Cisco Employee

Re: CM 5 licensing and failover what happens

CM5.0 is on New Product Hold (NPH) so I'm not sure if all the licensing information is published on the CCO or not.

I'll have to check on that and also on the sizing tool as well. I'll try to find an answer.

Hall of Fame Super Silver

Re: CM 5 licensing and failover what happens

Here is Cisco presentation on how the licensing works with CCM 5.0 (you might need parter level access).

Basically, here is a breakdown of unit points per device:

7902 - 1

ATA/7905/7910/7911/7912 - 2

7935/36 - 3

IP Communicator - 3

7920/4X/6X - 4

797X - 5

7985 - 7

3rd party SIP basic - 3

3rd party SIP advanced - 6

CTI port - 0

Video Advantage - 1

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New Member

Re: CM 5 licensing and failover what happens


Anyone else reading this

Phone licenses arent required to be purchased in CM 5 as were in previous versions of CM..


New Member

Re: CM 5 licensing and failover what happens

Sorry so far I only read: Extremly difficult Licensing model. Hard to explain to customers, specially midsize. And a virtual horror for adding additional Phones/Devices after the first deployment.

My suggestion to this would be a new career line. The CCLP (Cisco Certified Licensing Professional).


Cisco Employee

Re: CM 5 licensing and failover what happens

Are those your comments are comments you heard from others.

I don't think it is a virtual horror for additional Phones/Devices after the first deployment.

If you can be more specific that would help.

New Member

Re: CM 5 licensing and failover what happens

No those are my comments. I tend to have my own opinion or state if it's someone elses.

So far this opinion is based on the presentation refered to above. In my view a licensing model, that needs a calclator to determin the required licenses is faily unpractical.

The generell idea to simplify the licensing to device and application license is understandable and a good idea. But why on earth is it necessary to divide the device licenses again up into Vendor/Unit. As well I personally don't like the binding of application license to the mac (I specially think about HW failure issues here). Offering an additional dongle based binding would be an option here.

But coming back to the horror for additional Phones/Devices. We do have mostly mid-size customers. Means they got a CCM environment installed (not nessacarily from us) once, have it running and don't bother a lot about it. Mostly they are just capable of adding a DN to a phone and that's it.

The units based licensing model now means that if those customers want additional devices, we have to check their environment first (or possibly sell licenses they don't need).

And I don't think a new customer (non tech from sales department) understands that we have to check his system first if all he wants is two new phones.

I hope this clarifies a bit why I'm not thrilled about the proposed licensing model.


New Member

Re: CM 5 licensing and failover what happens

I think we've probably all made a few groans at the new licensing model, but here are some reasons informed to me by Cisco. They do make sense:

Its fairly common in the industry to have some form of per seat licensing.

V5 will includes SIP line side. Therefore its possible to use 3rd party SIP phones. There needed to be a method of licensing the use of these where the license wasn't tied into a phone purchase.

Phone prices are being reduced to remove the individual license, therefore this money can be spent on server points licensing.

Currently even small implementations are paying a premium for 1000, 2500 or 7500 sized systems. There will be a bundled scale to allow a more competative pricing model.

New Member

Re: CM 5 licensing and failover what happens

Hi, I would like to find out if I'm using VG224 with MGCP, what would be the license units for the analog phones &/ gateways ?

New Member

Re: CM 5 licensing and failover what happens

Coming from a telephony background I could never believe that Cisco depended on honesty for people adhering to their purchased license for phones. All the other telephone manufactures I have worked with have license keys tied to dongle serial numbers. So I have expected this for some time especially once the product is mature enough for people to start buying phones off the gray market.

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