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CM Backup Restore to New Server

Hi All,

I've had a trial in a customer for a while, they'd added to the trial and have now decided to buy dual 7835s to run the existing trial permanently as well as add to it. Unfortunately the trial was on 7825s

Also, they'll need to change the server name for their real servers.

Is there anyway I can restore a backup from the trial server (name: TRIAL1) to the new server (name: WIF-CM1) so I don't need to reconfigure all of the phones?

An alternative, is to rename the trial server to WIF-CM1, back it up and then restore it to the new 7835? Will that work?

Much appreciated,


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Re: CM Backup Restore to New Server

had a similar problem with a large AVVID user here, but they had to aggregate the configurations from multiple call managers down to one call manager. came up with software that uses AXL/SOAP to extract records from the source call managers, write it to an intermediate SQL database, where it can be manipulated, then PUSH the result to a target call manager. doesn't include everything, but does include CSS, partitions, translation patterns, phones, users, and more, which is all the hard, time consuming stuff. HUGE time saver for large configurations.

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