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CM Calls forwarded outside get dropped

We have CM running 3.12. When certain users have their phones forwarded to their cells, their calls periodically get dropped before they can answer their cell. It's right at the end of the connection process. I checked CM logs and it appears that CM creates a conference call to the outside number and then joins them together. However, it appears to drop the outside leg right as it attempts to join the two calls. Note: calls directly placed to those outside cells work fine. Also, this is happening for multiple users.

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Re: CM Calls forwarded outside get dropped

Sounds to me that codec negotiation isn't working properly (although the fact that calls direct to mobiles works doesn't support this argument).

Just to rule out codec mismatch do the following on you gateway:

debug voip ccapi inout

Then when the call is being connected (after setup, progress/alert) verify that settings in cc_api_caps_ind match from both side. e.g.

caps={codec=0x1, fax_rate=0x2, vad=0x1...)

In this example codec= g711ulaw, fax rate= voice, vad= disabled is negotiated. Make sure these values are the same on both sides and are valid.

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