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CM Down Features Disabled & Call Pickup

hi all,

have the problems as described in Tac Case Collection "K13474527" "Calls drop and the user receives the CM Down Features Disabled error message when making calls with a Cisco IP phone".

This is independent from srst or wan failures, because the phones in the same LAN with CCM has sometimes same issue.

I am sure this there is no connection problems between ccm because i can ping the phone from ccm and i can see the settings of the phone with browser. But the status is unregistered. Normaly in call preservation scenario the phone reregisters to ccm after this is available. The Phone can only be registered after an hard reset (no power).

Phone Type: 7941/7961

Load: 8.04

CM 4.2

any suggestions?




Re: CM Down Features Disabled & Call Pickup

Hi Mehmet,

The latest version is:


The new CCO load 8.0(5) will be released soon but dont have a date now.

This only happens for IP Phone to IP Phone calls? Or also other scenarios? (Saw Pickup in the subject) please let us know

Ok what we can do here is check EV to see reason code of the IP Phone unregistering.

Sniffer trace with its matching CCM detailed trace while problem is experienced, will clarify what is happening with the TCP Connection between IP Phones and CCM.

In CCMAdmin Under System|Server you have configured an IP or a server name?

Only those models?

In the same switch other models experience the same problem?


Re: CM Down Features Disabled & Call Pickup

Hi Gonzalo,

have the latest version (8.04SR1) of the phone load. Have 2 scenarios where this failure happens.

1) during an active call (internal or external call)

2) during a call pickup (A and B are in the same call pickup group, C calls A and B will Pickup the call). Phone from the picking party (B) will be unregistered.

Have more than 5000 Phones (7941/7961) and this happens only perhabs by 20 Phones. This is realy little.

Under CCMAdmin System/Server i have naturally the ip address of the server.



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