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New Member

CM installation

I'd like to figure out some stuff about installation process.

1. Can I put CM to separate workgroup or it should be domain controller? I do not want include it in working domain....

2. Should I install Microsoft LDAP on this computer... Or Cosco DC Directory will work whithout it?

Cisco Employee

Re: CM installation

1. Don't make it a domain controller. Make it a member server in an NT or Active Directory domain, or put it in a workgroup.

2. What do you want to accomplish? DC Directory performs the functions it needs without any other directory hierarchy in your network. However if you already have a directory hierarchy based on Active Directory or Netscape directory, you can choose that instead.

New Member

Re: CM installation

I have been installing all of our CallManagers into existing AD domains, which simplifies administration. I have tried to get CCM to use the AD as its store, but I haven't had success in our lab environment. I looks like the install will attempt to make schema changes to your AD...very dangerous if you don't know what you are doing and could take a very long time if you have a large enterprise.

Are there any good papers on installing and testing the directory integrator other than the "click next, click next" install documentation?



New Member

Re: CM installation


Thanks... Now I figured out ,,options...

But one more question.

Is it enough to use Cisco DC Directory for using IP Phone Address Book Synchronizer...Because I cant do it... with some errors that reminds LDAP...

Cisco Employee

Re: CM installation

Yes. The personal address book for the user's phone is kept in DC Directory. And the synchronizer that is on the Plugins page can sync the Windows address book used by Outlook or Outlook Express with the address book stored in DC Directory.

Note that this is not the same thing as the address book that can be kept on the Exchange server if you are using Outlook in MAPI mode.

New Member

Re: CM installation

I cannot connect and synchronize it....

Should Identity in Outlook Express match UserID and password in user database on CM?

In IP Phone Address Book Syn...

I put ip address of CM and port 80 into WEB site configuration... But if I goes to this address by brouser it is empty....actually - Under Construction

THen I put username and password : UserId and password... The same like to go to cm1/ccmuser.

Then I got message:

Unable to validate CCM Server ( current UserID and Password...

..But I can get to cm/ccmuser....

If I try then Synch...

Then I got message : Cisco CallManager send invalid response ("").

That is it....

Can you say something?

Cisco Employee

Re: CM installation

Let me preface my response by saying that I have never actually installed or tried to use this tool before.

So about 40 seconds ago, I went to the CCMAdmin page on a server, downloaded and ran the install for the TabSync, and ran the program.

I configured the username and password as the same ones I use for the CCMUser page, looked at and did not change the Rules Options, and for CCM Server I put in the server name. Then I clicked Synchronize and it worked. It was not difficult.


First of all, the username and password is the one from Global Directory in CCMAdmin as I mentioned.

Also, it's normal that if you just try to go to the server name on port 80 that you will see under construction. That's because the CM install does not put any documents in the root virtual web. We use things like /CCMAdmin and /CCMUser and /BAT for virtual web doc pages.


Without knowing more about your system it's hard to say why your attempt failed. But now I have tried again on another client with a different server and I still had very easy success. Maybe you should open a TAC case.

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