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CM5.0 SIP TRUNK digit analysis

I am familiar with building a device, route group, route list, for a gateway, but we are connecting a CM5.0 to a SIP proxy via a SIP TRUNK. Inbound calls work fine, but I cannot get the outbound dial plan configured to pass calls to the SIP trunk. Any suggestions - examples?

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Re: CM5.0 SIP TRUNK digit analysis

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Re: CM5.0 SIP TRUNK digit analysis

I built:

Translations patterns to block calls


Route Patterns

Calling Search Spaces

If I leave the CSS partitions off of the phone, the inbound calls over the SIP trunk work fine.

The route pattern / translation patterns appear to let me dial all of the digits.

What bothers me, is I cannot create a Route Group or Route List. When I attempt to create the Route Group, there are no available devices in the drop down list. I do not know if this is a CCM 5.0 issue, or if this is a SIP trunk issue. When I built one to a router MGCP gateway on another CCM, the route group was built to the gateway, and the route list accordingly. I am unable to build either on the 5.0.

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