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CME 3.2, IP Communicator, VPN, One way voice

I have Call Manager Express 3.2. I am trying to get IP Communicator to work with the CME system through the Cisco VPN client. The IP Communicator works perfectly on the local network. When connected in using the Cisco VPN client I get one way audio.

If I dial from the IP Communicator it dials and I hear ringing. Once the user on the other end picks up the call they can hear what is said from the person with the IP Communicator end but I can not hear what they say. Network connectivity is established in both directions. I can ping the voice VLAN from the system with the IP Communicator and the voice VLAN can ping the laptop with the IP Communicator on it. Checking the netword statistics during a call by hitting ?? shows transmitted packets but zero received packets on the IP Communicator. Much of the troubleshooting information I am finding for one way voice specifically refers to items on Call Manager so I am looking for ideas on the Call Manager Express side to resolve this issue. Thank you in advance for any help.

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Re: CME 3.2, IP Communicator, VPN, One way voice

Follow up information for this issue. The one way voice only occurs on calls outside the local phone system over the IP Communicator. In other words I can call local extensions and get two way voice but when I dial outside I only have one way voice. Inside the system they are of course getting two way voice on outside calls.

More follow up information. With only the oustide calls getting one way voice if this was a call manager system the configuring loopback in one way voice troubleshooting would seem appropriate. You would specify the voice gateway in call manager evidently and then give a loopback interface that address. Something like this.

interface Loopback0

description $FW_INSIDE$

ip address

ip virtual-reassembly

h323-gateway voip bind srcaddr

Is there an equivalent command for specifying a voice gateway in Call Manager Express to try this?

New Member

Re: CME 3.2, IP Communicator, VPN, One way voice

I beleive this is a routing issue. Ofcourse the IP phone and communicator can reach the call manager. They must register to begin the initial call. But you probably cannot ping a the IP phone's IP address from the IP communicator system.

Try to go to the phones IP address in a webbrowser from the IP communicator system.

It sounds like the routing is only one way. But, if you can ping and reach the website of the phone you are mostlikely blocking the UDP traffic from the phone. Turn off the Ip Communicator system's personal firewall to see if that is blocking what appears to be an unsolicited connection attempt by the IP Phone.

A bit more detail would be helpful. Can you traceroute to the IP phone?

Is the phone and CCM on the same network segment, in the same vlan?

Hope this helps,


New Member

Re: CME 3.2, IP Communicator, VPN, One way voice

Thank you for the reply. The system is Call Manager Express instead of CCM which changes things somewhat. Pings go both ways and traceroute is fine when connected via VPN. Like I said in my follow up it now appears to only happen on calls to outside numbers when connected in to the system using VPN utilizing IP Communicator. The personal firewall is off on the system. When the system is connected in via VPN it is given an address on the data VLAN. The CME on the voice vlan can ping the address on the data VLAN that the laptop was given. The laptop can ping the CME on the voice VLAN. A call made to another extension on the system such as to extension 101 gets two way voice. A call made outside the system such as typing 9xxxxxxx where x are the digits in for a local number in the city results in one way voice.

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Re: CME 3.2, IP Communicator, VPN, One way voice

I am having the same issue as well. I also don't get audio when calling to the CUE module. I have tried to change ACL setting in the firewall settings with no success. Any insight to this issue would be great!

New Member

Re: CME 3.2, IP Communicator, VPN, One way voice

I have good news and bad news I have found since I posted this. The good news is Cisco will support this configuration with IP Communicator 2.0 and Call Manager Express 4.0. The bad news is that while IP Communicator just came out Call Manager Express 4.0 has an estimated late March release.

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