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CME 3.2 IP Phone Users GUI

We just recently deployed CCME 3.2, and I cannot seem to find any info on how my end-users can access the Users GUI to customize their IP phones? I thought it was http://router ip/ccmeuser/, but that does not work.

Any help would be much appreciated!

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Re: CME 3.2 IP Phone Users GUI

Hi Steven,

Have a look at the following info for CME 3.2;

The Cisco CME 3.2 GUI requires use of Microsoft Internet Explorer (IE) Version 5.5 or a later release. No other type of browser can be used to access the GUI.


To access the Cisco CME router through the web to make configuration changes, point your IE 5.5 browser (or a later version) to the following URL:


where router_ipaddr is the IP address of your Cisco CME router. For example, if the IP address of your Cisco CME router is, enter the following:

You are presented with a login screen. Enter your username and password.

The Cisco CME system evaluates your privilege level and presents the appropriate screen. Note that users with Cisco IOS software privilege level 15 also have system-administrator-level privileges in the Cisco CME GUI once they have been authenticated locally or remotely through AAA. The ip http authentication command that has been configured on the Cisco CME router determines where authentication occurs.

After you have been logged in and have been authenticated, you see one of the following home screens, based on your user class:

The system administrator home screen.

The customer administrator sees a reduced version of the options available on the system administrator screen, according to the XML configuration file that the system administrator created.

The phone user home screen.

After you log in successfully, online help is available from the Help menu.

From this doc;

Hope this helps!


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