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CME 3.3 -- 2 Issues

I have a new install of a CME 3.3 on a 2801 with 2 odd issues. The PSTN access is provided (in and out) through 8 analog lines. All of the voice ports have a connection plar statement that points them to a seperate extension (201 - 208) All of the phones (7960's) have a line apperance for the first 5 of these incoming lines (201-205). When 2 people call in at the same time and the live attendant answers the first call, puts it on hold, then answers the 2nd call, all of the phones on the system beging to ring, even if both of the incoming calls are disconnected all of the phones will continue to ring until they are reset. While these phones are ringing, there is nothing on the caller ID and if the hand set is lifted you only hear dial tone.

2nd issue:

Redial to the PSTN doesn't work. I can redial to an internal extension and I can redial through the missed/recieved calls in the directory, but if I dial a call to the PSTN, hang up, then pickup the phone and press redial the screen is empty where the number would normally be, and the display says enter number

anybody have any ideas?

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Re: CME 3.3 -- 2 Issues

Ok, I figured 1 of my issues out, The redial from the phone to the PSTN waits the length of the interdigit time out before it sends the call, that makes sense enough, the problem is that is doesn't display any digits while you are waiting so it appears like it's not working unless you wait for the inter digit time out to expire then you see all your digits and the call goes.

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Re: CME 3.3 -- 2 Issues

Afraid I can't offer much with the first problem... The second however - if you press redial does it eventually call out after 10-15 seconds?

I've been in a situation where it seems to not work, but it actually does and it's just CME waiting in case you dial more digits after the phone instantly dials the full number.

If it does dial eventually you can change the timeout:

conf t


timeouts interdigit 5



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Re: CME 3.3 -- 2 Issues

Your first issue sounds kind of like some flavor of the FXO disconnect supervision problem (if you have loop start lines) - except that I could not tell you why it would only occur in that specific circumstance - you should have a problem when the pstn side caller hangs us before anyone answers, and the line appearances on all of the phones would continue to ring. Here is an excerpt, and link to a tech note on the problem:

The most common symptoms of this problem are phones that continue to ring when the caller has cleared, or FXO ports that remain busy after the previous call should have been cleared.

Mary Beth