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CME 4.0 transfer calls using directory


I have a 2851 running CallManager Express 4.0 on v12.4(4)XC IOS. The phones used are 7970G, 7960G, 7940G. 7912G and 7905G, and I am having some strange problems when transferring calls using the directory.

On the 7970G if I try to transfer a call to another number but use the directory to look up the number it doesn't work. Here are the steps:

Active call on 7970G, press the Trnsfer softkey, press the directories button, select local directory, find the person, press the Dial softkey, select Transfer from the menu, but nothing happens and the other call remains on hold.

The 7940Gs, 7960Gs and 7912Gs give similar behaviour, except that when the handset is put down the call to the person is made, as if it had been queued on the phone.

During testing and troubleshooting I have discovered that on the 7970Gs, 7960Gs and 7940Gs if the Trnsfer button is not used then the call can be transferred using the directory. The steps are:

Active call on 7970/7960/7940 phone, press directories, select local directory, find the person, press Dial softkey, press Trnsfer softkey, and the call is made where you can then hang up (blind transfer) or speak to the person first (full-consult) and the call is transferred successfully.

I am unable to find such a workaround for the 7912G. It seems that it is not possible to transfer a call using the directory on the 7912G. The problem also happens on 7905Gs.

I am now wondering whether this is a bug with CME 4 or the phones, or whether I am not transferring using the correct procedure.

Thanks in advance for any help.


Graeme Richardson.


Re: CME 4.0 transfer calls using directory

You should be able to transfer the call in 7912G. what is the IP phone load you are using?

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Re: CME 4.0 transfer calls using directory

Here is what I would do. 1, Verify in the Telephony-service that you have the Call transfer type consult command.

2. Ensure that you have the h450.2 & 3 enabled in your voice voip.

3. Upgrade to the XC2 version as their are a few bugs in the XC version.

4. Make sure you are using the T023 version of the phone software.

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Re: CME 4.0 transfer calls using directory


Firstly, sorry for the delay in replying and secondly thanks for your feedback.

I have now managed to upgrade to the latest version (12.4(4)XC4) and the corresponding CME files for v4.0(3). The h450.2 and 3 services are enabled and the code used for the phones are as follows:

7905 - CP7905080001SCCP051117A

7912 - CP7905080001SCCP051117A

7940 - P0030702T023

7960 - P0030702T023

7970 - TERM70.7-0-3-0S

However, the same problem exists. Transfers on 7970/7960/7940 phones can be done by using the directories button first, but there still seems to be no way to transfer using the directory on the 7905 and 7912 phones.

Has anyone else experienced this same problem?

Any further help would be greatly appreciated.



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Re: CME 4.0 transfer calls using directory


I got the same problem with CCME Version 4.1(0).

Did you find out some workarounds for the 7905/7912 ?



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Re: CME 4.0 transfer calls using directory

Hi Norbert,

No, I never got a work-around for the 7905/7912 - they just don't do it. However, these phone models have now been replaced by 7906/7911 which appear to use Java code and the problem does not occur - you transfer using the same procedure as the 7940/7960/7970.

We have stopped using the 7905/7912 and now use 7906/7911.

Thanks for your input.



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