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CME 4FXO Outbound Help

Hello all, I have CME 4.2 and I am trying to get outbound calls to work on my system and I am failing.

I want users to press 9 and then dial their number. However when they hit new call, and then dial 9 they get an immediate fast busy.

I have secondary-dial tone configured for 9

Attached are my dial-peers.

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Re: CME 4FXO Outbound Help

an update, dial-peers seem to work as I can do call forward on a ephone-dn to an outsite number, say 914025555555 and it works. Seems to be a ephone template issue? Its like the the phone rejects "9" immediatly. Attached is my telephone-service

Re: CME 4FXO Outbound Help

Hi friend,

How is set up your corlist settings in your ephones?


- adrián.

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Re: CME 4FXO Outbound Help

I have

corlist incoming International

corlist outgoing International

on all dial-peers. It is wierd because it immediatly goes to fast busy. The my outgoing dial-peers seem to be working as I can call-forward all to an external number with no problems. I have removed secondary-dial 9 on telephone-service and readd-ed both times re-generating configs.

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Re: CME 4FXO Outbound Help

oops a correction to above I mean I have the referenced corelist on all of my ephone-dn 's assigned to the phones.

Re: CME 4FXO Outbound Help

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