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CME - Able to transfer a call directly to VM (like in CM)

Is it possible to transfer a call directly to a VM bypassing the greeting? This is a basic configuration in Call Manager, but I haven't figured out how to do this in CME. Any thoughts?

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Re: CME - Able to transfer a call directly to VM (like in CM)

What do you mean bypassing the greeting? Do you mean bypassing the rings and going directly into the greeting? Which voicemail are you using. In Unity Express there is the ability to designate a secondary extension number to a mailbox. You could create a virtual voice port on CME and forward it to CUE which has the same virtual voice port number configured on the secondary number field of that mailbox. Because the virtual voice port does not have a phone registered to it, it sends the call directly to CUE without any rings. E.g. you want to transfer a call designated for extension 1000 directly to VM, you could create another extension 81000 for example, and transfer the call to this extension instead. 81000 would be the number entered on the secondary number field in the mailbox in CUE for extension 1000. You could have the same association for other mailboxes that need this treatment.

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Re: CME - Able to transfer a call directly to VM (like in CM)

CME (latest version) and Unity UM (latest version) - I meant to say 'bypass the rings and play greeting:

Here's the scenario: PSTN Caller A (doesn't matter if PSTN or IP) calls ACME Fishing Supplies. IP Phone User B answers the call. PSTN Caller A wishes to speak with Accounting Department. IP Phone User B knows that the Accounting Department is at lunch. IP Phone User B is going to transfer PSTN Caller A to VM for Accounting Department, but since he knows Accounting Department is at lunch, doesn't want PSTN Caller A to have to wait for the 4 rings (approx) before VM greeting plays. Instead, when IP Phone User B transfers the call, PSTN Caller A immediately hears greeting for Accounting VM. In Call Manager, you can configure this scenario using VM profile and CTI Route Point.

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