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CME and ATA's both ports

How can I configure CME 4.0 (SCCP)

to use both ports of ATA 186

How can I configure

ephone and ephone-dn



Re: CME and ATA's both ports

Just like any other phone. When ATA registers with CME first time, CME automatically creates dynamic ephones. For ex: last configured ephone is 10, CME will create ephone 11 and 12. Notice the MACs and put them under ephone config of your choice. ATA must be unregistered in order to move ATA MAC between ephones.

If you already know MACs you can configure ephones beforehands and you'll be done.

Configure ephone-dn like any other phone.

ephone-dn 7

number 4907

label 4907

description Fax

name Fax

ephone 7

username "xxx" password xxx

mac-address ATA-MAC-line1

type ata

button 1:7

Same thing for line 2

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Re: CME and ATA's both ports

ATA has only one mac adress

Re: CME and ATA's both ports

If mac of ata is 00075234AA32 use this for primary port.

For second port try, 075234AA3201. (Shift the left most two digits and add a 01 at the end).


Re: CME and ATA's both ports

Let ATA register with CME for the first time, then do 'show ephone ata' and you will see 2 MACs.

Re: CME and ATA's both ports

I am interested in knowing which solution worked for you ?

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