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CME and Multiple CUE modules

I have a customer, who doesnt want to go to an expensive Unity (server model) solution, and wants to stick with CUE. NM-CUE has a limitation of 100 users, while he has about 150 users. He is gonna use a 3825 with upto 168 users for CME and one NM-CUE-EC which supports upto 100 mailboxes. Now the question is can we go beyond 100 mailboxes in a CUE module ? If the answer to above question is NO , can we use two NM-CUE modules ?

I tried inserting a NM-CUE and AIM-CUE on same router and both shows up and i can set up both modules to work with CME, with two dial-peers for SIP and of course with two pilot numbers say 8000 and 9000. 2 phones were set with CFNA and CFB set to 8000, while 2 other phones were set to CFNA and CFB set to 9000. At this point voice mails can be stored on both modules.

All the above sounds good, but one problem exists. When you hit messages button on the phone, it can only hit one pilot number, because this is governed by "voicemail <pilot>" command under telephony-service.

How can we program the system so that when phones which have mailboxes in NM-CUE hits the messages button transfer to pilot 8000 (for NM-CUE) while phones which have mailboxes in AIM-CUE go to pilot 9000 (for AIM-CUE).



Re: CME and Multiple CUE modules

The only other option i see is that, starting with 2.1 version of CUE, you can program the GDM as individual mailboxes. This increases the limit from 100 -> 120.

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Re: CME and Multiple CUE modules

Hi Shanky

According to the docs, you can only have one CUE per box:


If the only problem seems to be the static definition of the voicemail number for all phones, perhaps you can work around it.

You could have your people hit the voicemail button, that would dial Unity, but instead of going to voicemail directly it would run a little script you create using CUE Editor.

That script could use 'Get Call Info' and/or 'Get User Info' step to retrieve the user's spoken name, then check whether the step worked (the theory being that it wouldn't if that user didn't have a mailbox on that CUE module).

If it failed, the script could do a 'Call Redirect' to the other Unity module pilot number. This would go straight to that voicemail.

You could probably do something similar for forwarding calls from the PSTN but check the redirecting number as opposed to the calling number.

Just an idea... I've not had to try this...


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Re: CME and Multiple CUE modules

The script should work fine, but there are a few other problems:

- it's definitely not tested at all with multiple CUEs. You'll probably get pushback from the TAC if there's a problem since it's explicitly stated as not being supported

- If you're trying to use a directory lookup in an auto-attendant (or even addressing messages to send), it'll only find local users. You could network the two CUE's together via VPIM, but they won't automatically share a common directory.

Re: CME and Multiple CUE modules


Thats a very good alternative you suggested. I will check out the scripting piece, here shortly (for testing purposes). But again, I really dont want to suggest a solution, which is not really supported by TAC. The only other option is to move to 120 mailboxes (sacrificing GDM's).

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Re: CME and Multiple CUE modules

NM-CUE-EC gives you 120 mailbox and more ports

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