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CME Call Pickup Sample

I need to create a new call pickup group and need assistance.

Does anyone have a sample config for setting up a call pickup group?


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Re: CME Call Pickup Sample


See this URL for config info and examples:



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Re: CME Call Pickup Sample

Aaron, I am trying to configure my Call manager to allow callers to dial a specified number (on my CM server), get a dial tone and dial a different number.

I'm not sure what this is called, but it's similiar to an unattended receptionist.

Do you know if this is possible within CM and, if so, how I would configure it?



Re: CME Call Pickup Sample


What you are looking for is a auto attendant. You will need Extended services and CRA installed (not IPCC). The cd comes with the callmanager discs. you can setup basic auto attendant in callmanager with this.

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Re: CME Call Pickup Sample

Thanks for your reply. I will look into installing these features from the CM cd's that I have.

Will this act as an unattended call routing mechanism?

I'd like for a caller to be able to call a number within my CM and have that number be directed to an outside line and allow that caller to dial any number that they choose to.


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CME Call Pickup Sample

Yes we have 15 devices and we are ruinning 6.1 software and we can only get 9 devices to register at any one time!

I've also tried to get the Multicasting part working using an ephone-dn, with the feed ip cmd as follows;

ephone-dn 310

name paging zone 1

feed ip port 8560

This does not work, I have multicast working on the network so far with paging-dn's and MOH working fine!


PS. Please let us know how your TAC case works out!!

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