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CME Co-Resident with MGCP Gateway for Migration

Hi Pro(s)

I hava a situation where my existing 2651XM router with CME 3.3 and CUE configured and working fine

I need to migrate from CME to CM 4.1.3 and 2651 to configure MGCP gateway with CM.

Question is: Is that a practical way of migrating from CME to CM without bringing an outage to customer with 48 phones.

Note: CUE will remain on C2651XM router.


Re: CME Co-Resident with MGCP Gateway for Migration

There will be outage, you cannot avoid it.

You will have to setup the gateway as a H323 gateway in Callmanager first. This will be a temporary config, if you use MGCP first, then all l3 call info will be backhauled to callmanager.

Use BAT to add the CME phones into Callmanager.

Once you do this you can change the dhcp option 150 at the remote site dhcp pool to point back to the callmanager. When the phones are reset (under telephony-service, you may give a reset all command), they will upgrade firmware. This may take up to 1 - 3 minutes. Once they register back to the Callmanager, they will be able to make phone calls to the PSTN or between each other.

You may change the H323 gateway to an MGCP configuration after this is done. (This will also cause minor outage).

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Re: CME Co-Resident with MGCP Gateway for Migration

Thank you: your suggestion matched exactly with my mind.

How about If I put a parallel router and configure it for MGCP with CM and test it after-hours. The whole idea is to avoid any kind of outage during the business-hours.

Let me know how you vision this

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