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cme connection to nortel pbx


having a small issue with a CME system and nortel PBX. i have a CME router connected to a catalyst switch. this in turn is connected to another switch at another site via fibre. then to a 1700 series router with 1t1 to the nortel PBX.

everything is connected and working fine, except, when using group pickup or hunting. here is the example: i make a call from the PBX, to an ip phone on the other end, first off, if the user doesnt answer, the regular hunting to anohter ip phone does not work. it keeps ringing after the timeout has passed. if i do answer the ip phone, i get busy. when the PBX user then ends the call, the call is now redirected to the hunt and rings on the other phone, with busy. grouppickup and call forward are having the same issue. if i do call, and the ip phone answers and then transfers me to another ip phone, that works.

First thing coming to my mind is DSP Services or configuring DSPFARMS.

please advise, am doing research at present

please note that everything within the ipt system works as well as calls coming in from the PSTN. issue resides only on conectivity from PBX. also, to reach cme system from pbx i have one dial-peer

destination-pattern 4...

target ipv4: cme



Re: cme connection to nortel pbx

after sleeping on it,

here is what i think.

PBX makes a call to ip phone

ip phone receives call, and after set time calls goes to hunt,

but, when cme directs call to hunt, it issues a disconnect signal to the PBX end to that phone. the PBX does not recognise the disconnect, therefore, still attempts to call extension. on the IPT end, no phones ring because the call is not redirected from PBX end. eventually, PBX user hangs phone up, issuing a manual disconnect, which the CME system interprets and then redirects the disconnected call to the hunt as it should. when the ip phone is picked up, they get a busy, simply because the call is actually disconnected.

therefore, im thinking, that i need to have a way to tell the remote pbx that i am doing some type of "hook-flash".

My T1 on the PBX end is configured as E&m-wink

any ideas on my scenario?

is it a configuration i can adjust on my end, i dont think transcoding has anything to do with it, or is it a configuration option that the PBX personnel has to deal with?


Re: cme connection to nortel pbx

im thinking PBX configuration here

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