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Hello guys,

With CME 3.3, is there any way that a receiptionist knows that the user to whom she is going to transfer the call is on the phone or not? If so, would you please let me know how can I configure that?




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you can setup a shared line that both of the users have. when one user needs to send a call to the other user, they can look at the shared line on their phone to see if it is in use.

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Thanks for the reply. The only issue with the shared line is that if somebody calls an extension which is shared with another user, it will ring in both phones. Am I right? If so, this is not what the customer wants. Is there any other ways to do that?



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Hi Bahman,

The shared line button on the Receptionists phone can be set up in monitor mode.That way they can see the line status (on/off hook)but not have the actual ringing line on their phone. Have a look;


Number of a line button on a Cisco Unified IP phone that is to be associated with an extension (ephone-dn).

The maximum number of button-ephone-dn pairs is determined by the phone type.


Single character (:, b, c, f, m, o, or s) that denotes the characteristics to be associated with this phone button. Valid entries are as follows:

: (colon) Normal ring. For incoming calls on this extension, the phone produces audible ringing, a flashing ((< icon in the phone display, and a flashing red light on the handset. On the Cisco IP Phone 7914 Expansion Module, a flashing yellow light also accompanies incoming calls.

b Beep but no ring. Audible ring is suppressed for incoming calls, but call-waiting beeps are allowed. Visible cues are the same as those described for a normal ring.

c Call waiting. Provides call waiting for secondary calls to an overlaid ephone-dn. See also the o keyword.

f Feature ring. Differentiates incoming calls on a special line from incoming calls on other lines on the phone. The feature-ring cadence is a triple pulse, as opposed to a single pulse for normal internal calls and a double pulse for normal external calls.

**** m Monitor mode for a shared line. Visible line status indicates in-use or not. Line cannot be used on this phone for incoming or outgoing calls.****

o Overlay line. Multiple ephone-dns share a single button, up to a maximum of 25 on a button. See also the c keyword.

s Silent ring. Audible ring and call-waiting beep are suppressed for incoming calls. The only visible cue is a flashing ((< icon in the phone display.

From this doc for CME 4.0;

Hope this helps!


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Re: CME Features

Hi there

There is now an Operator Console available for CUCME - the Arc Express Operator Console. I think this could give you the functionality you are looking for?

Check out for more information, or please feel free to drop us a line

Thanks - Bennie Grant

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