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CME - One way audio on SIP trunk to SIP device

I am having a problem with incoming calls through a SIP trunk, establishing two way audio with a SIP device (IVM Answer Attendant).

I can connect to this SIP phone flawlessly when I initiate a call through a Cisco IP phone on my network.

I get external calls through a SIP trunk and I can make incoming and outgoing calls to my Cisco IP phones flawlessly.

However, when an incoming call through the SIP trunk gets answered by the SIP device only one way audio will occur. I can hear the IVM Answer Attendant play its greeting but I cannot get audio to go the other way.

I am using a 2811 IOS 12.4(9)T, CME 4.0. I have a CUE module in my router and external calls can be answered by CUE fine also, that confuses me as CUE is a SIP device also. I know there are differences though.

The extension number for my SIP device is 2500, the number I call to get through to this sip device is 01833 600027, CME then applies a translating rule to send this to ext 2500.

If anyone would have a quick scan over my running-config and "debug ccsip all" (both attached) and offer any help, I would much appreciate it.

Thanks for your time.



Re: CME - One way audio on SIP trunk to SIP device

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