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CME outbound callerid and CUE

Customer has two sets of internal extensions and two different exchanges.

3xxx exchange 214-855-3xxx

5xxx exchange 214-740-5xxx

Customer wants all 10 digits showing in the outbound callerid.

I tried two options

1. Translation rules

rule 1 /5.../ /214740/

rule 2 /3.../ /214855/

This only shows 214740 or 214855

If I try doing it this way:

rule 1 /5.../ /2147405.../ it does not like the last ...

2. Dialplan-patterns

dialplan-pattern 1 2148553... extension-length 4 extension-pattern 3...

dialplan-pattern 1 2147405... extension-length 4 extension-pattern 5...

As soon as I use option 2, it breaks some Unity Express functionality.

It breaks Direct Transfer to voicemail. Basically, it tinkers with the callerid going to voicemail.

Does anyone know how to set this up with translation rules

New Member

Re: CME outbound callerid and CUE

I have this:

Charlotte(config)#voice translation-rule 1

Charlotte(cfg-translation-rule)#rule 1 /^5/ /2147405/


Charlotte#test voice translation-rule 1 5456

Matched with rule 1

Original number: 5456 Translated number: 2147405456

Original number type: none Translated number type: none

Original number plan: none Translated number plan: none

You would add this rule to a voice translation-profile and then apply that profile to your outgoing dial-peer. Here you can read more about translation profiles:

All this translation is saying is that the numbers starting with 5 will be replaced by that other number. Test it and see if it works.


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Re: CME outbound callerid and CUE

Thanks a lot for the sample and the link that worked fine.



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