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CME - timeouts busy

Whats the purpose of this command ?

timeouts busy <time>

This command is given under telephony-service mode.

CME 3.0 system guide says this

"busy timeout value is the amount of time, that can elapse after a call reaches a busy signal before the call is doscnnected"

CME 3.3 system guide says this.

"busy timeout value is the amount of time that can elapse after a transferred call reaches a busy signal before the call is disconnected"

Note the difference between the two statements ? Is there a difference in behaviour since versions 3.0 and 3.3 of CME regarding busy timeout?

Here is what i find when i do this testing in a lab CME router (version 3.3). "timeouts busy 5" has been configured under telephony-service. So for a transferred call that gets busy, the call should get disconnected after 5 seconds.

Phone A, Phone B, Phone C, Phone D.

Phone A has a single line ephone-dn (so no call waiting enabled) and is already on a call with Phone D.

Phone B calls Phone C and Phone C transfers the call to Phone A. Now obviously since Phone A's line is busy, C gets a busy tone. This busy tone gets disconnected after 30 seconds. The 5 second timeout configured has no effect.

Am I interpreting the meaning of "timeouts busy " wrong here ?



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