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CME to CM migration issues


I am curently migrating my users from a cme to cm setup. I need to know how can I have the following features in cme configured now through the CM

1. Monitor buttons - So that the manager can see whether his secretary is busy. In cme we use the button "m" under the ephone config.

2. How can I have the name of a user displayed on his IP Phone on the top row next to the date/time. This is configured with the description command under the ephone-dn in CME

3. I need to have the corporate name display on all the IP Phones. In cme we can do this by the system message command.




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Re: CME to CM migration issues

1. In CallManager, this is referred to as a "shared line". ON the manager's phone, put the same directory number and partition on a line, and turn the ringer off, and this will allow the manager to see her line status. I believe there might be an improved version of this when CallManager 5 ships.

2. CallManager doesn't have the same display modification features that CME has. The only thing you can put in that field in CallManager is a number.

3. If you're referring to the bottom status line on the phone, right above the softkeys, once again CallManager does not have the ability to do this. I've seen people modify the xml dictionary files for the phone to get the desired effect, but I don't recommend this.

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