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CME3.3 Design Question for High School

Looking for advice on an CME3.3/CUE2.2 implementation for a school. On the old phone system the principal was able to effectively send an individual page to a classroom, if the teacher did not answer the phone while they were teaching.

School has about 30 classrooms, I looked at ephone-dn paging, but since they do you use the page all feature I have the phones assigned to the Page All DN, and the paging group supports a max of 10 groups, I can't setup every classroom phone to belong to their own paging dn, and then group them for a page all.

Principal has a 7960 so I don't think I could setup an intercom to every classroom since principal only has 6 line appearances, is this accurate?

Classrooms have 7912, so one ephone-dn allowed, can't setup a button for feature ring, so teachers know principal is calling.

Any other suggestions on how I can do this??




Re: CME3.3 Design Question for High School


I think what you want here is individual paging-dns for each class, say class room 1, 2001 is the paging-dn through class room 30, 2030.

You can create 30 ephone-dns and configure them with a paging ip (multicast) and port (2000). Once you do this on the appropriate class room phones, (ephone configuration), configure a paging-dn say 2001 for class room 1, 2002 for class room 2 etc.

Once you do this you can dial 2001 through 2030 from any phone and page directly to the speaker phone of the appropriate class.

Check this link for config commands.

I am sure with a higher grade ISR router like 2811 or 2821 you can configure over a 100 DNs.


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Re: CME3.3 Design Question for High School


Thanks for your response, but these classroom phones are already assigned to the paging group for the whole school, so I couldn't assign an ephone to an individual paging group as well as a schoolwide paging group.

Also it looks like 10 is the max number of paging groups in CME3.3.

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