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CMR on CP7905G showing all ZERO..

CallManager version: 3.3(3)

Phone Version: 7905G

We are reading results from CallDetailRecordDiagnostic table.

We have enabled the following 'Service Parameters' flags:

1. CDR Enabled Flag

2. Call Diagnostics Enabled

The records in CallDetailRecord table seemed to be valid.

However, all Network Measurements (numberPacketsSent,numberOctetsSent,numberPacketsReceived,numberOctetsReceived,numberPacketsLost,jitter,latency)

contain Zero value at all times.

Two questions:

1. What we are missing to get the results ?

2. Does this type of phone (7905G) supports Jitter and latency measurements ?



Re: CMR on CP7905G showing all ZERO..

I think there are so many fields in the CallDetailRecordDiagnostic table which are not being used. That could be the reason why these all are showing as zero.

New Member

Re: CMR on CP7905G showing all ZERO..


But then look at these fields for 7940/60, they are no empty....

Danny M.

(Brian (Esselbach), any ideas?)


Re: CMR on CP7905G showing all ZERO..

That's a good question. Here's a "me too" data point. I have the same issue with a customer who is installing using largely the 7905G sets, whereas we usually install 7940G/7960G sets. I'm going to do some research as to why this happens. If I find something out, I'll post here; I would ask you to follow up as well if you find out.

New Member

Re: CMR on CP7905G showing all ZERO..

Thank you!,

My hunch is that the 7905 does not collect such information... (as it's based on the ATA186 platform)

but I'm not 100% sure, then again Cisco may have a new code for the phone that does...

Thanks again,

Danny M.

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