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Codec capabilities of the DT-24+

I know these gateways are EOS but I would like to know if these gateways support G711 30ms packet size. I've have my PreferredG711MillisecondPacketSize set to 30 for h323 interoperability issues but for somereason when my 7960 phones place or receive a call through this gateway they always use 20ms packets.

I'm guessing because of this packet size when I have a H225 call come in to my Callmanager through the anonymous gateway and attempts to go out on a DT-24+ PRI channel the call never completes. It fails during the Media Capabilities exchange beacuse the H323 side requires 30ms packets.

If I receive an incoming call through these getways and if that call happens to go out of the H225 anonymous trunk towards an H323 endpoint the call completes perfect. So it has to be using G711 30ms packets here because that is the only way to talk to these endpoints.

Any help would be appriciated. Especially on how to use the DickTracy to find out what packet size and codec is being used. I do 6 set mask 0xff but nothing.


Re: Codec capabilities of the DT-24+

I am not familiar with DIckTracy, though I can give you commands which you can use to check the codec capabilities on your gateway.

show dial-peer voice

show call active voice brief | compact

Hope this is useful.

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