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Collect and show outside caller data with CCM 4.1?

Hi, I have CCM 4.1 and some various type IP Phone such as 7970, 7912. I want to collect outside callers data and store them in to some enviroment which can be XML file or SQL server and in this environment I want to add additional data such as otside caller's name. After that when the caller calls again I want to show this additional data on IP phone. Does anyone has an idea?


Re: Collect and show outside caller data with CCM 4.1?

TAPI or JTAPI allow you to monitor phones and get data about the call before the phone even starts ringing.. so you can start a number -> name lookup at this point and push the result to the phone using one of the XML elements defined in the IP Phone Service SDK (an IPPhoneText is the most convenient).

So it comes down to your programming language preference.. if it's C, you'll go for TAPI, if it's Java, you'll go for JTAPI.

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