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Command to dial phone

I have a user request to initiate a call on a 7940/7960 from an application. Do any of you all have ideas on how this can be accomplished?


Re: Command to dial phone

There are two major ways to accomplish "click-to-dial" from a CallManager environment:

1) The Cisco TAPI and Wave driver combination

This has been around for a while. It offers an interface to control the phone via TAPI, which is a well-known standard API to monitor and control a wide variety of telephony devices under Windows. It is accessible from Microsoft Outlook, SalesLogix, and basically any other application that has been designed to dial a phone or modem for you via the generic TAPI interface. It works quite well. If you need to integrate with an application, this is probably what you want.

It requires some amount of manual effort to get installed on every workstation, so we usually don't install this except at specific customer request and then only on a few workstations, and we show the customer how to do it from there.

2) Cisco Webdialer

This is fairly new. It comes with CallManager 3.3 and above. It's a special web-based interface that allows you some limited control over the phone, basically just enough to make and disconnect phone calls. It offers an interesting function such that a web developer can define a link on a webpage which invokes WebDialer and dials the phone for you. This is nice for applications like your company Intranet directory - once you find the person you want to call, just click on the number and your phone is dialed for you.

WebDialer is not as functional as the TAPI dialer, but if all you need are the basics, it does the job. There is also the advantage that no client-side installation is required, which means it's instantly available to the entire user-base. It does not integrate with applications, with the single exception of Microsoft Outlook, for which there is a client-side plugin (installation required) available.

There is nothing really stopping you from using a combination of these two methods if the deployment calls for it.

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Re: Command to dial phone

I'll look for documentation on Cisco TAPI. I've heard of Webdialer, but we're still running CM3.2.

If you have any good reference for Cisco TAPI, can you pass them on?

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