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Conference across the WAN to non ip phone drops

When conferencing across the wan to a non ip phone it drops the call, I can conference to their 7 digit DID OK. I can call the 2XXXX ext. OK but I can't transfer or add to conference. Sounds kind of like a codec issue but I don't know where to look.

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Re: Conference across the WAN to non ip phone drops


If you are using the software Conference bridge built in to CallManager, this only supports G711.

If you call the non-ip phone from an IP phone it may be forced to use G729; which is fine as the IP Phones support G729.

When the conference is initiated, if the conf bridge and remote phone are in regions that force G729 they will not be able to talk unless there is a transcoder at the conference bridge site...

If you can't put in a transcoder you'll need to create a region for your conference bridge that is set to talk g711 to all other regions; this will however use more bandwidth...

Hope this helps


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