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Conference Bridge, Meet-Me no quite what we need...

We have a need for a small number of conference bridges that are 'perminent'

By that I mean the first and subsequent callers dial the extension without needing to press meet-me button first.

We have conference connection, but need small bridges that can be accessed without a conference id or password, at any hour of the day without first scheduling a meeting.

We are using CM 3.1(3a) with plans to go to 3.3(2) shortly.

For background as to why, not all users have IP phones. We currently have a couple of legacy switches with built-in conference bridges. These systems have no real security, but the users like the freedom to setup conferences when ever they want.


Re: Conference Bridge, Meet-Me no quite what we need...


Once a meet me conference is established it never clears until the last party leaves, so the easy way to make them permenant is to make sure one phone never leaves the conference.

Do you have any spare analogue ports? or 7905/7910 handsets?

If so then set up a meet me, dial in from the spare phone, clear down from all phones apart from the spare phone, hide the handset of the spare phone in a desk draw!.

This way you now have permenant meet me conferences.

You could do this quite cheap if you have spare analogue ports, 'cos it's only the cost of a couple of cheap pots phones.


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Re: Conference Bridge, Meet-Me no quite what we need...

I considered that very thing. I had to rule it out once I considered the effort to re-establish the conferences after a system upgrade or maintenance driven reboot.

I suspect we'll end up with something like that and I'll just be run ragged keeping it working.

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