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Conference Connection - Inbound from PSTN - # not delivered to CCC

We have configured CCC internally so that 4500 is the access code.

A route pattern strips the 4500 and delivers the remaining digits dialed to CCC. As an example, if I dial 450012345#, 12345# is delivered to CCC and is recognized as a request to access conference ID 12345. This works fine.

I have assigned a DID such that an inbound call from the PSTN is translated to access CCC. The problem we experience here is that the # sign is not delivered to CCC and so the call is rejected. As an example, if the DID was 4165551212, and the translation pattern translated 1212 (gateway stips all but last four digits) to 450012345#, the route pattern for 4500.!# delivers 12345 to CCC (not 12345#). If I dial 450012345# on an internal IP phone, the same route pattern delivers 12345# to CCC. As a result, access to CCC works internally but not externally.

We've tried to accomplish this external access via Translation Patterns, Route Patterns and a Virtual Phone but have run into the same problem in all cases.

How do I configure access to CCC from an external call and have that call drop directly into a conference by sending the conference ID plus the # sign.

Cisco Employee

Re: Conference Connection - Inbound from PSTN - # not delivered

Sounds like everything is configured correctly. Can we take a look at detailed ccm traces to see what is going on?

What is you full CallManager and CCC version?

New Member

Re: Conference Connection - Inbound from PSTN - # not delivered

We are running CCM 3.2(2c) spG and

CCC 1.1(3)

I will forward the CCM trace to you via EMail


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