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Conference / Transcoder of 6608

Several questions are raised after reading "Cisco CallManager Fundamental"

- I read contradicting information regarding MTP/Transcoder session PER PORT for G.723 to G.711. Some says 31. Some says 24. Which one is true ?

- Does 6000 register 24 streams per port even though it can support 32 streams in G.711/G.723 to cater for multi-codec situation?

- Each port has to support 1 of 3 modes at any given time: Conf, MTP or Transcoder. If it is configured as Conf and a G.729 comes in, Does it makes use of its own DSP to do transcoding, or borrow transcoding resource from the other port ?


Cisco Employee

Re: Conference / Transcoder of 6608

I will try to get back to you on your first 2 questions after I do some research. Those are often points of confusion.

As far as your 3rd question, actually each port is either Conf, Transcoder, or PRI gateway. The transcoder is sometimes referred to as Hardware MTP, not to be confused with Software MTP. But in answer to the question, if the port is configured to be a Conference Bridge, it will mix the G.729 call into the bridge without borrowing a transcoder.

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