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Conferencing / Meet-Me Assistance

We are using Meet-me for internal conferencing, but finding there is some complaints coming from Executives who have had staff members "drop in" on sessions unexpectedly. Are there any ways to secure individual Meet-me sessions either by password or some other means? I have seen the suggestions about putting users into different "partitions", but that seems impractical. Any suggestions would greatly be appreciated.


Re: Conferencing / Meet-Me Assistance

You dont need to create more partitions and assign them to users. All you need to create is two separate CSS, one for authorized users (executives) and one for non-authorized users.

Create a partition Meetme, assign meetme number 1600 to that partition and put that partition only in the CSS of Executives or other users who are authorized to join the conference.

Another suggestion, would be to setup another route point say 1601 and give that as Meetme access number to non-authorized employees. When they dial 1601, it should hit an IPCC script which basically prompts them for a pin number. The pin they enter can be compared against some static pins (stored in variables in the script) and then if the pin entered is correct, the call can be transferred to 1600 (The actual meetme number).

This requires creating two separate partitions, required CSS as well as IPCC to make it all happen.



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Re: Conferencing / Meet-Me Assistance

Thanks for the suggestion. I may try and create the meet-me partition for Exec CSS.

Besides what you mentioned there are no inherent ways of password protecting Meet-me sessions correct? Nothing "built-in"?

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