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conferencing problem

I have a CCM installation and a CME installation which are trunked. They use a g729r8 across the WAN.

I establish a call between the sites no problem. They will use g729r8. From the phone registered on CCM, I then try to conference in a user in the same site (CCM) and when I try to conference, it doesn't work. It usually will drop the user in the CME site.

Does anyone know exactly what I require setup on the CCM side to make this work? I have transcoding working fine on the CME router as I can 4 digit dial from CM to there then get into their voicemail (CUE) no problem. I'm running 4.0 CCM. Or at least where to start troubleshooting.


Re: conferencing problem

Hi Mark,

Do you have a HW conference bridge configured in CCM?

You will need a HW CFB| the SW CFB and do transcoding or change everything to speak G.711.


Community Member

Re: conferencing problem

I have a software conferencing bridge setup (one of the callmanagers). I also have a 2821 router setup as a transcoder. It registers with CCM OK and everything. Anything else I may be missing?

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