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config for incoming call to hunt ext and cue aa

ive installed VIC2-2BRI-NT/TE module on my voice gateway where my cme/cue resides.


-Incoming call will connect directly to an extension 100 but after 5 rings is finished, then it shoud procced to the cue auto attendant 101.

Anyone help me for the configuration please


Re: config for incoming call to hunt ext and cue aa

In order to configure and manage the Cisco Unity Express (CUE) AA is to understand the components which comprise the application, and how they interact. The Greeting Management System (GMS) component of Cisco Unity Express is not part of the AA, however is a key Unity Express feature and a useful tool for recording audio greeting messages and prompt files used by the AA script.

The default AA script provided with Cisco Unity Express is named "aa.aef" and resides in a system directory. Since this script is in the system directory, it cannot be downloaded, copied nor uploaded by users. This default AA application is also known as the "system script" or "system AA".

The only component of the default AA which resides in the user directory is an audio prompt file called AAWelcome.wav. All other audio prompt files used by the default AA reside in the system directory and cannot be downloaded, copied, nor uploaded by users.

The first action taken by the default AA is a step which uses the system parameter named "welcomePrompt". By default, the value of the welcomePrompt parameter is set to AAWelcome.wav. Therefore,the first thing the caller hears when the AA pilot number is dialed is the audio contained in that file. The AAWelcome.wav file supplied with the Cisco Unity Express AA is very short (about two seconds), and its audio content is only the message, "Welcome to the Automated Attendant". Next, the AA script goes to another step which plays a prompt that contains the audio "To enter the phone number of the person you are trying to reach, press 1 ..." The AA script then executes steps based on the caller's input, or repeats if no input is detected.

Cisco Employee

Re: config for incoming call to hunt ext and cue aa

set a connection PLAR to 100, then configure CFNA to 101

For further information read:

Configuring Connection PLAR for VoIP Gateways}

Configuring Call Transfer and Forwarding




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