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Configure a 1750 like it's a ATA186

I've got a 1750 that has a dual FXS VIC in it. What I would like to do is have this router register itself with a SIP server like Vonage has their ATA-186s. But, I'm hitting a road block. Can anyone give me a map?



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Re: Configure a 1750 like it's a ATA186

Anybody? I've got my boss breathing down my neck here.



Re: Configure a 1750 like it's a ATA186


Well the simple truth is you cannot have the 1750 Register with the SIP Proxy server. the 1750 is a gateway and not and endpoint like the ATA 188. So it wont actually register. You should however be able to make calls out using the 1750 if you create a voip dial peer and point it to the proxy server.

dial-peer voice 1 voip

destination-pattern .T

session protocol sipv2

session target sip-server

codec g729r8


sip-server ipv4:

Thatll take care of your outbound. Now on the inbound make two pots dial peers, one for each port.

dial-peer voice 2 pots

destination pattern 1234

port 1/0

dial-peer voice 3 pots

destination-pattern 5678

port 1/1

Now how will the Vonage proxy know to send the call to you if your device is no registered. You can ask vonage that one, ofcourse youll probably get an answer that we dont support that. But you can try uyour luck. Im not sure how vonage sets up their hosted solution, but it could be they already have static mappings to your ip address based on numbers.

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