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Configure Cisco Phone for multiple lines

I am wondering what the best practice is for configuring phone lines on a Cisco IP 7940/7960 phone.

I currently have 2 lines configured with the same DN number but in two different partitions and call waiting disabled. When a calls is received on first line a second call comes in on second line in seperate partion.

This is working good for the most part but Attendant Console has problems with the second line. If user starts a call on the first line and places call on hold. Then a call is placed or received on second line. The user then ends call on first line. Attendant console shows users phone as not in use. This is causing problems for some of our people who depend on Attendant Console for phone line status.

If anyone has any ideas on a better solution please let me know.



Re: Configure Cisco Phone for multiple lines

This is a known problem. Attendant Console, as well any TAPI based application, has no concept of partitions so is unable to handle the situation correctly. We've stopped configuring phones this way; we configure the second DN as +100 or +1000 from the first, for instance, if the first DN is 3948, we might configure the seconds as 4948.

CallManager 4.0 (general release anticipated sometime this summer) will solve this problem by allowing more than 2 calls on one DN, thus eliminating the need for a second DN entirely.

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