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Configuring Call-by-Call Calling Line Identification Restrictictions

Hi there

Has anyone configured Call-by-Call Calling Line Identification Restriction? I was wondering how this was done? It is mentioned in release notes and product infomatiion, but I can't seem to find the configuration details.

I would like users to have 2 lines, one line passes CLID, the other does not.




Re: Configuring Call-by-Call Calling Line Identification Restric

There's a variety of things you can do here. If you just want to alter it to say, your main number instead of the DID, you can put this in for the external number mask.

If you are using PRI, CallManager 3.3 introduces an ability to set the "Calling Party Presentation" bit to restricted on a per route-pattern basis. For any given route pattern, say your average 9.@, you can configure it such that caller-ID information shall not be presented to an end-user (it's still sent during call setup on a PRI, just with a little tag saying "don't tell the other guy"). It should come up as "Private" or somesuch on the other end with no number. Configure your second line with a CSS/partition scheme such that when you select that line and dial 9-whatever, you use a route pattern that sets the Presentation bit to restricted.

If you are using channelized T1/E1 or FXO trunks, you basically have no control over caller-ID presentation, with external number mask or any other tool.

Cisco Employee

Re: Configuring Call-by-Call Calling Line Identification Restric

Also, make sure that the "Calling Party Presentation" field is set to "Default" everywhere else in the path of the call -- for example, the gateway page. If you have it set to Restricted on the route pattern, but Allowed on the gateway, it will be allowed.

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