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configuring call handlers to shared mailbox

We are using Unity as our auto-attendant, and I understand that we have to use call handlers (or Internet subscribers) for those who are not subscribers. I am confused, however, as to how to configure the following situation.

Extension 2000 shares a mailbox with extension 1000.

I know that I can enter 2000 as an alternate extension, but how do I configure Unity so that at the opening greeting, one can entre 2000 and get transferred to that extension. And when that extension rings no answer, that it is forwarded to the shared mailbox of 1000.

Is this at all possible?


Re: configuring call handlers to shared mailbox

No it is not possible. If you assign 1000 as a primary extension and 2000 as an alternate extension Unity will only transfer to the number defined in Call Transfer regardless of whether the caller enters 1000 or 2000.

To do you probably want to do is set up a Call Handler for 2000 and get it to supervise transfer to 2000. In the Greetings section you want to enable the Alternate Greeting, set the Source to Blank and send the After Greeting action to send the caller to the greeting for the 1000 user.

Hope this helps...



Re: configuring call handlers to shared mailbox

Thanks for the pointers. I'll have to discuss with our deployment team how soon they'll need this so we can investigate this option. We still want people to be able to forward their phones directly to voice mail - will this work?


Re: configuring call handlers to shared mailbox

Yes if you still assign the alternate DN to the subscriber they will be sharing the mailbox with.


Re: configuring call handlers to shared mailbox

Great - thanks.

I still can't find a way to search for alternate extensions though - is that hidden somewhere? Is there an SQL query I can perform?

Cisco Employee

Re: configuring call handlers to shared mailbox

If you're looking specifically for alternate extensions, you can find those in the DTMFaccessID table in SQL - I have an SQL query examples example on the Code Samples page of that has exactly what you need here. The query to pull all extensions for all subscrubes (primary and alternate) into a table looks like this:

SELECT vw_Subscriber.Alias, vw_DTMFAccessID.DTMFAccessID AS 'Extension', vw_DTMFAccessID.IsPrimaryID

FROM vw_Subscriber INNER JOIN vw_DTMFAccessID

ON vw_DTMFAccessID.ParentObjectID=vw_Subscriber.SubscriberObjectId

WHERE vw_Subscriber.SubscriberType IN ('1','3')

The IsPrimaryId column there will indicate if the extension is a primary or alternate Id - if you want to limit the output to only alternate extensions you can add a "vw_DTMFAccessID.IsPrimaryID='0'" to the WHERE clause there.


Re: configuring call handlers to shared mailbox

Thanks Jeff. This does what I need.

The warnings, however, scare the bejezuz out of me! What issues are there with running querries agains the database? Could it be a load issue?

Also - how easy would it be to pipe the output to a text file?


P.S. Has anyone ever told you that the little man on the report screen of SAWeb looks a lot like the little man that appears on the SMIT GUI of AIX? Brings back fond memories.

Cisco Employee

Re: configuring call handlers to shared mailbox

No worries if you're just doing a read query - the strident warnings are there for folks wanting to update/add/delete stuff directly in SQL which, of course, can be dangerous if you don't know what you're doing. It doesn't affect load on the system in any measurable way.

Yes, you can output it to a text file - if you're using CUDLE you can just right click on it and it'll let you dump the table to CSV - if you're using MS's Query Analyzer you can choose to pipe the data to a text file as well. If you get in a real pinch you can use the command line OSQL interface which also allows you to pipe information out to a text file.

New Member

Re: configuring call handlers to shared mailbox

Hi Keith,

I have created the 2000 Call Handler, set the Alternate Greeting, set the Source to blank. Now I can call x2000 from my Unity AA and leave a message. When I want to retrieve this message (press the messages button) on the 2000 phone I have to press '*' to enter ID (1000). Is it possible to go directly into the x1000 shared mbox without pressing the '*' and entering ID (x1000) on x2000.

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