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Configuring DN in CCM, and call handlers in Unity

I am working on a new IP Telephony deployment, and I am trying to setup the call manager and unity, so that when users from outside the network dial the company main number, their calls are immediately forwarded to the call handlers I have designed in Unity.

I am not sure where or how to configure the company main DN in call manager to be able to acheive this, and also the necessary configurations in Unity. Please can someone help. Thank you

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Re: Configuring DN in CCM, and call handlers in Unity

We set this up with a translation for the main DN to point to 1st VM port.

Main DN is 1650

1st VM Port is 1980

Created a translation of 1650 to 1980 in CCM and all calls then hit the first VM port. Setup VM port to forward on no answer or busy to second VM port, 2nd to 3rd and so on. We have the last port set to forward to AC pilot point so if unity is fully loaded call still gets answered.

On unity we have recorded an Opening Greeting that gets played when anything hits unity, which is our standard meesage giving user options then forwards to AC pilot point if no option chosen.



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