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Configuring multiple outgoing dial peers on AS5400: Help needed

I have a problem. I am based in London and trying to configure dial peers out of London (being variable length numbers). The T does not work on the destination pattern. Is there a solution?

Currently I am using dots. If I configure two dial peers using 11 and 12 dots, and dial a 12 digit number, the number goes through the 11 dot dial peer. It looks to me that the router is matching the 11 numbers and switching the call to the AS5400 without waiting for the later digits. Can anyone provide a solution please?


Re: Configuring multiple outgoing dial peers on AS5400: Help nee

I think the reason might be the interdigit timeout. As soon as the 11th digit is dialed, it directly matches with the 11 dot dial peer instead of waiting for the last digit. I found some links given below, which might be helpful.

Supporting Variable Length Dial Plans for CallManager Route Patterns - an Exercise in Designing a Route Pattern that Covers a National Dial Plan

Configuring Dial Plans, Dial Peers, and Digit Manipulation



Re: Configuring multiple outgoing dial peers on AS5400: Help nee

What you need to do is to prepend the calling numbers at the source gateway so they have a unique access code. This way , you can have a POTS dial peer at the teminating gateway which just has a destination pattern of the access code, and as this is a closest match. Here is an example -

originating gateway :

translation-rule 1

rule 1 ^.* 5555

<--- prepend a leading 5555

voice-port 1/0:15

translate called 1

<---- apply the translation rule to the voice port for incoming calls

Calls that come in through voice port 1/0:15 will be prepended with a leading 5555 , so the VOIP dial peer would need a destination pattern on 5555T

At the terminating gateway :

dial-peer voice 1 pots

destination-pattern 5555

port 2/0:15

The call will come into the router with a leading 5555, match on dial peer 1 and the leading 5555 will be stripped off. All trailing digits will be sent out, so variable length dial plans can be accomodated.

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