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Configuring pickup groups

We have a site that has a PagePac unit connected to a FXS port. CM is


When the receptionist steps away / end of day, they forward the main

number to the overhead night bell.

The Night Bell is in a pickup group, as are all the phones, so that

after hours anyone can pickup incoming calls.

The problem is that because all phones are in the same pickup group, any

user can pickup anyone else's ringing phone, which they don't want. The

other issue is that once a user hears the overhead, they press Pickup

and the incoming call starts ringing at that phone, they get CallerID,

and then can't hit iDivert to send it back to the main number's VM box

if they don't want the call. Instead, they have to wait for RNA in

order for the call to end up in the main number VM.

I investigated the other pickup options:

Group Pickup might work, but means that it's now a two-step process to

pickup a call, but it will allow me to put the phones in one pickup

group and have the overhead in another pickup group. I would remove

"Pickup" from the softkey template for the phones.

I tried to configure OPickup, thinking that I could put the phones in a

pickup group where the pickup group number was in a a partition that wasn't in their calling search

space, and have the overhead in an associated pickup group that _was_ in

their CSS. Doesn't work; CallManager won't let you configure a DN with

a pickup group whose partition isn't in your CSS.

Any other ideas on how to implement this functionality?


Re: Configuring pickup groups

Cisco AS recommends "longest idle hunt"mechanism among the members to be the most fair for the hot line staff. For overflow condition, Cisco AS suggest that we use vm dn. However, if you put the vm dn in the longest idle hunt group, you occasionally will have users rolling directly into the vm. To avoid this, create a hunt group with "first available hunt " and put the pilot of the "longest idle hunt" (in a nested fashion) first and then the vm DN (with always route option checked) second.

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Re: Configuring pickup groups

This reply has nothing to do with my question, so I'm assuming that you replied to the wrong message.

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